This Type Love?

Lyrics "This Type Love?"

Woman- Do you think there are like different ways to well, mxm, obviously there's different ways to love someone but have you ever...Mxm, I know you been in more than one relationship
Mick- But are-...
Woman- Do you feel like you loved someone different than someone else?
Mick Jenkins- I was about to say, but are there different ways to love someone? My friends but I borderline would, I probably would do it for them too. You know what I'm saying?Like, it is...I don't...and I would do it for y-, for-...I would have done that for Kendra, you know what I'm saying? I would do- do it... I would do it for someone I wanna do it for, like I know what I'm saying? Like, it's not really...Then there's things that like I wouldn't know what I'm saying? That I would do for you. So- so- so- so-...but I just feel like if I got love for you, I got, I got love for you like it's thorough. You know what I'm saying? But..
Woman- Okay but
Mick-I guess there's levels, there's definitely levels
Woman- But, so still like back to the ...the original question, like have you, okay have you been in love more than once? Mick- Romantically?
Woman- Yeah
Mick- F-, Yeah
Woman- any of those situations do you feel like you've loved one person different than the other?
Mick Jenkins- No. Damn now that I'm thinink bout it, I guess I was more on fire in my last relationship like...for sure. I was definitely way more, yeah I guess I loved her diff- diff- diff- diff- diff- for sure. I never really think-, I, that's what I'm saying I don't really think about it like that so I, my first reaction is to be like m-m-m
Woman- Yeah I don't...and it's not like a, I'm true, like it's a choice for you
Mick- That's what it makes it seem like
Woman- Yeah, no, it's not a choice for you to love someone differently but, I feel like, the right person can make you...feel different than you've ever felt with anybody else and so you...essentially you, you love them different

[Mick Jenkins]
I don't know that sounds weird to me

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